IntelliSTIM BE-28E Digital Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS)

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The IntelliSTIM BE-28E is a top of the range of EMS machines. This state of the art machine has been specially developed to give optimum treatment.  While this unit is unrivalled in the many features offered it remains easy to operate and is ideal for both personal and professional use.


Product Details:

Top of the range high specification professional EMS unit with unique IntelliSTIM interactive programming function.



  • Intuitive operation
  • Unique IntelliSTIM feature
  • Large LCD display
  • 4 operating programs TENS/EMS (editable)
  • 17 preset EMS programs
  • Functional IntelliSTIM with automatic interactive parameter adjustment
  • 2 selectable waveshapes
  • Dual intensity independent channels
  • Automatic last used program on Start
  • Count down timer with automatic power off
  • Auto switch off, power saver
  • Accumulative recording of treatment time
  • Lock function
  • 2 year guarantee



Programs 0 to 3 manual for EMS/TENS (editable)

Programs P1 to P17 are all pre-set EMS programs:

  • P1 – Decontracting: relaxing effect reduces muscle tension
  • P2 – Myorelaxing: muscle relaxation
  • P3 – Capillarization: increases blood flow and oxygenation of muscles, which helps prevent   muscular fatigue and improves endurance.
  • P4 – Warm-up
  • P5 & P6 – Aerobic Resistance: to increase ability to perform intensive training
  • P7 – Tonifying: helps to tone muscles and prepare them for more intensive work
  • P8 – Hardening: to increase the shape and firmness of muscles
  • P9 – Force + Resistance
  • P10 – Force + Resistance: (under IntelliSTIM)
  • P11 – Force 1 (under IntelliSTIM control)
  • P12 – Force 2 (under IntelliSTIM control)
  • P13 – Force 3 (under IntelliSTIM control)
  • P14 – Explosive Force 1 (under IntelliSTIM)
  • P15 – Explosive Force 2 (under IntelliSTIM control)
  • P16 – Explosive Force 2 (under IntelliSTIM control)
  • P17 – Recuperation


Technical Specifications:


2 alkaline batteries 1.5v AA (LR6)


Max 100 mApp across 1000 Ohm load (using 200ms pulse-width)

Pulse Width:

From 50ms to 400ms adjustable in steps of 50ms


From 1Hz to 110Hz

Ramp Time:

From 1 to 5sec adjustable in steps of 1 sec.


- Symmetrical Bi-phasic
- Mono-phasic alternated

Treatment Timer:

Continuous, 10min, 20min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min.


138mm x 68mm x 28mm


160 grams including battery


IntelliSTIM BE-28E EMS Pack includes:

TENS/EMS unit, soft carry case, 4 pack of electrodes, 2 lead wires, 2 AA alkaline batteries and instruction manual.