Welcome to US Medical Inc.

We are a Leading Developer of Health Care Devices.


US Medical Inc Electrotherapy Division provides Portable Electrotherapy Equipment and Related Supplies to distributors.

We Supply TENS, EMS, Interferential Units, Electrodes and Related Supplies.

US MEDICAL Inc is a wholesale distributor of medical products. Our Electrotherapy division provides portable electrotherapy equipment and related supplies. We provide an OEM and ODM manufacturing of health care machines which include our advanced brands of TENS, NMS and Interferential units.

We use the highest leading components and technology available in order to deliver exceptional quality and safe, clinically reliable units, which provide dependable pain relief and stimulation to the patient.

We support our highly competent team who work with skill and expertise to produce both electronic and mechanical engineering of an exceptional standard to turn out high quality products which are reliable, safe and user-friendly. With a strict code of practice, quality control is high on our list to provide superior and revolutionary product designs, ensuring high standards of performance, durability and reliability.