About Our Company

US Medical Inc offers custom manufacturing services (OEM & ODM) for specific areas in the Health Care industry. From R&D, our innovative team launches USM products into engineering and manufacturing, with our logistics process and highly productive team members promising a safe and reliable end product.


Speciality manufacturing capabilities

ODM Manufacturing

US Medical specializes in ODM manufacturing of a specific range of Health Care products. We have built up an important position in the market, with a strong ethical and technological background, supplying major distributors with custom designed and manufactured products such as TENS, NMS and Interferential units.


Our expert design team has developed adaptable operating systems.

We operate rigorous quality control and work to combine high grade systems into our manufacturing operation to achieve an optimum level of quality, durability and reliability.

We strictly comply with regulations, customer standards and certification requirements.


Our progressive and innovative team uses the latest design equipment to formulate creative ideas from the first concept to high quality end products. We closely examine the operation and safety of our products, and strive for perfection in performance, function and reliability.



US Medical offers unique customer-specific branded products:

We mark our original equipment products by labeling the units, cases, packaging and manuals with our client’s own unique company name, badge, logo and color scheme and, according to agreement, customizing them to fit your individual company requirements.