Digital EMS and TENS Twin Stim Combination Unit

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Professional digital EMS unit with 9 EMS programs and 3 TENS.

The digital EMS/TENS unit combines the latest technology in NMS and TENS therapies, with a stylish “flip” design in one easy to operate unit.

The Digital EMS and TENS Twin Stim Combination Unit allows healthcare providers the flexibility to meet insurance requirements with the labelling for a TENS as well as NMS.




  • Lock function
  • Manual program eight settings memory
  • Eight preset NMS programs and one manual NMS Mode
  • Muscle spasm mode
  • Three modulated TENS Modes
  • Auto switch-off
  • Large LCD screen
  • Light and compact, with belt-clip allowing mobility during treatment
  • Timer
  • Waveform option
  • Two Year Warranty



Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular is the default waveform, which is effective and comfortable for the majority of people. The waveform refers to its shape as a graph of signal strength plotted against time. A bi-phasic waveform means that the current flows in both directions. In the symmetric bi-phasic rectangular wave the current is equal in magnitude and duration in both directions. this will result in both electrodes being the active electrode at equal alternate phases of the pulse. Equal sensation will come from both electrodes.



P0-7 EMS preset programs
P8 EMS manual settings
P9 TENS pulse width modulation
P10 TENS pulse rate modulation
P11 TENS burst mode


Technical Information

Output settings specifications

Intensity: setting in 20 steps of 6.2mA, from 12mA to 130mA on 500 load
Frequency: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Pulse Width: 30-300ms in steps of 50ms
Wave Shapes: Rectangular symmetrical, biphasic or alternated biphasic
Ramp Times: 0-5s in steps of 1s (up and down)
Work Time: 1-40 in steps of 1s
Rest Time: 0-40s in steps of 1s
Treatment Time: Continuous 10,20,30,45,60,90 Minutes


Digital EMS and TENS Twin Stim Combination Unit pack includes

Unit, leads, batteries, electrodes, instruction manual and case.